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Chad Linus: The Shy One


Here you'll find quotes, pix, and a quick bio taken from on Chad Linus. Enjoy! (PS: im sorry if his site has more things on it than the others, but I have this weird little obsession with him.)


Chad Linus
a.k.a Noah Bastian
Born: 8/26/83

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Signature dance move: The
Roger Rabbit

In my spare time I like to: Cut
out pictures of sea-doos and
paste them on my furniture.

Favorite CDs: Matchbox 30,
Wham, The Best of the Brady

Favorite food: Bubble gum
flavor taffy

Favorite color: Plaid

Favorite movie: Rudolph and
Frosty Christmas in July

If I were an animal, I'd be...: A
zebra because I like their

Deepest darkest secret: Well, I
don't like to tell anyone but I
score a 181 on my IQ test.

Contributed by John


"If there's gonna be five guys, it should be...5gether!"

"A whole planetarium! Now I can see what galaxy I'm from!"

"Being dead SUCKS!"

"KoolAid?! This just keeps getting better and better!"

"The nose! The nose is ALIVE!"