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2gether: The Series

Just in case you missed an episode, here's the plot summeries for Season one of 2gether: the Series!


We got these plot summeries from, just cuz it takes too long to type them all up, believe me. So be sure to check them out:



Synopsis: The 2ge+her house is packed with music industry hipsters, groupies and pop-lockin' fly
boys partying away before 2ge+her's biggest concert - opening for the superstar Lorelei. Jerry O'Keefe,
2ge+her's heartthrob, wades through the crowd looking for his girlfriend Erin. As he passes 2ge+her's
Mickey Parke, Q.T. McKnight and Doug and Chad Linus, he spots Erin across the room, and signals
he will meet her in the house's recording studio. He struggles through the crowd to the darkened room,
and waits for his girlfriend. The door opens, she walks in, and he pulls her to him, kissing her hard. He
stops, flips on the lights and discovers he just kissed Lorelei.

In his bedroom, Jerry admits to Erin that he cheated on her - he didn't know he was doing it at the time,
but he did kiss another woman. Erin thinks it's cute he would consider an in the dark, mistaken-identity
kiss, cheating. At rehearsal, Brummer and Lawless, What-Ev Records executives, push the guys to
tighten up their dance moves. Accidentally, someone spills that Jerry and Lorelei kissed, and Brummer
sees this as the publicity bonanza he's been waiting for. He instructs Jerry to date Lorelei. Jerry knows
Erin won't like it, but he reluctantly calls the pop star, and makes a date.

In a local convenience store, Mickey and Q.T. cruise for beer, looking to prove their toughness, but
when the clerk won't sell the underage singers alcohol, they resort to tons of sodas and junk food to
fuel their evening of wild abandon. While they drink and eat their way to oblivion at the house, Jerry has
his own problems: he's in Lorelei's hotel room, body to body, but stops just before he kisses her, finally
telling her about Erin. He leaves a miffed Lorelei behind. Back at the house, Mickey and Q.T. get
competitive over who can slam sodas faster, and Erin, in response to a page, is waiting when Jerry
walks in. They make out, the TV on in the background. Erin stops for a news report: Carson Daly
announces Jerry and Lorelei's "passionate love" affair, and hotel security-tape footage is played of the
pair entering Lorelei's hotel room. Jerry is in deep trouble.

Erin storms out as Jerry babbles that nothing happened. Doug advises his panicked buddy: tell her you
love her, but with thousands of witnesses at the concert he'll get Erin there, but it's up to Jerry to do
the rest. Backstage, Brummer instructs Jerry to proclaim his love to Lorelei from the stage, and
clarifies that if Jerry doesn't want to do this, there are plenty of boy band heartthrobs out there waiting
to take his place. 2ge+her runs out from the wings, begins their moves, and the crowd goes bonkers. In
the middle

of "Every Minute, Every Hour," Jerry quiets the music for his announcement. As Brummer, Lawless and
Lorelei look on from a perch, Jerry states he fell in love last night, all over again, with Erin Evans. As
the record execs fume, Jerry goes into the audience, drops to one knee and asks Erin "Will you
marry me?" A long pause, the audience is hushed, and Erin says no. While the fans scream "ask me,
ask me," a stunned Jerry takes his place again onstage, and does his best to hide his tears. At
intermission, Erin tells Jerry that that was not how a guy should propose to a girl. He sees her point.
The lovers are interrupted when they find out Lorelei would like 2ge+her to join her onstage. As they are
announced, 2ge+her takes the stage once again, more popular than


Synopsis: Backstage just before a performance, 2ge+her is amped-up and ready to put on a show.
Chad talks to his girlfriend Heather. He's clearly in love. Unfortunately, Heather's not, and she dumps
him moments before they're supposed to go onstage. Chad, stunned and teary-eyed, follows his
bandmates onstage.

The guys are performing in synchronized perfection, except for Chad. As he steps up for his solo the
mysterious sound technician turns down the music. Chad finishes, a tear in his eyes, and the audience
is silent as his sobs echo throughout the hall. Suddenly, the audience goes wild, cheering for Chad and
his heartbreak.

Back at the 2ge+her house, What-Ev Record Executives Brummer and Tom Lawless announce the
band's biggest break yet: MTV will make a special about 2ge+her shooting their new video "The Way
You Do Me," and guarantee heavy air-play for the music video. The only condition? Chad has to cry in
the video, just like he did onstage. Later, Heather arrives and tells Doug she's made a mistake - she
wants him back, but only because Chad's going to be really famous. Doug kicks her out. At the video
shoot, the guys push Chad to cry, but he's consumed with getting Heather back. He gets a call from
her, and finds out that Doug kicked her out of the house. Furious that Doug would keep him from
Heather, Chad punches his brother.

Back at the house, Chad shows up with Heather and demands Doug apologize to her. After hearing
that Heather is only using his fame in hopes to meet Tom Cruise, Chad finally realizes it's over. Once
Heather is gone, Chad sinks further into depression - he'll never date again, or laugh again, or wear
socks again, or cry again. He goes into the kitchen to retreat to his favorite alone place, the garbage

From the garbage can, Chad remembers the good times with Heather, and Doug rhapsodizes about the
first time his heart was broken - he was five, she was six. Lawless arrives, and says the guys, including
Chad and his tears, have to go back to work, now. Doug reassures Chad: screw the video, if you don't
feel like crying, that's okay. But, if you are sad, like when Mom and Dad got decapitated in that awful
car wreck, that's okay, too. Chad begins to cry. Doug announces Chad is ready to go back to work.


Synopsis: When the guys try on costumes for an appearance at a local children's hospital, Q.T. gets
stuck with the bunny suit. He hates the bunny suit. Even when Doug tells him to look on the bright
side, that bunnies are so tough they eat their own babies, Q.T. doesn't feel better. When Q.T. takes a
stand with label exec Brummer, he announces that Q.T. is grounded and will miss the Mandy Moore
concert that night.

After the rest of the guys leave for the Mandy Moore concert, Q.T. angrily decides to make a break for
it, and jumps out his bedroom window and on his scooter - he's not going to be left out. After her show,
Mandy tells the 2ge+her guys, minus Q.T., that she thinks their music is hot, and she really likes that
cute Q.T. As Doug steers a star-struck Chad away from Mandy, she signs autographs for her fans,
including a cute blonde girl named Amanda, just like Mandy's real name. Back at the house, the guys
are worried when they discover Q.T.'s gone.

The 2ge+her guys go from worried to a little jealous when Q.T. finally shows up and tells them he also
went to the Mandy Moore concert, and scored a date with her. She's even coming over for dinner the
following night. When the magic moment arrives, Q.T. opens the door to reveal Amanda, the Mandy
Moore fan we saw earlier. Leaving the couple behind, the guys duck out to the patio to confab. Dare
they tell Q.T. that the girl he thinks is pop star Mandy Moore is just a fan? Q.T. has never looked so
happy. And they don't want to upset Q.T. right into a coma. They agree that for tonight, they won't let
Q.T. know that he's not really dating Mandy Moore. At dinner there's one near-miss after another. To
prevent a disaster, the guys break into song. 2ge+her finishes their twelfth rendition when Amanda's
mom arrives to pick her up. As Q.T. walks her to the car, the guys congratulate themselves on surviving
the night without Q.T. finding out he was not seeing Mandy Moore. Q.T. returns pumped, and proud. He
just got Amanda - Mandy Moore - to agree to perform with them at the children's benefit concert.

Q.T. doesn't understand why the guys are angry: he just arranged for Mandy Moore, a major star, to
appear on stage with 2ge+her. Backstage at the concert, Q.T. finds the guys and lets them know that
he's heard Amanda sing, and she's awful. Who would have thought that Mandy Moore was a no-talent
poser? He's going to have to tell her she can't perform with 2ge+her. While Q.T. looks for Amanda, the
real Mandy Moore bumps into him. She came to the concert to meet "the cute one." Maybe they could
go out sometime. Not recognizing her, Q.T. says no, he's just breaking up with someone, and it
wouldn't be fair to her. Mandy understands, and gives Q.T. his first kiss. Mickey, meanwhile, has taken
care of Amanda with a few awesome kisses and a promise to come back after the concert for a game
of doctor.

2ge+her takes the stage. Q.T., realizing that a mature man can handle wearing a bunny suit, proudly
wears his ears and cottontail as they perform "I Wanna Know Your Name" for the kids. From the back
of the audience, Mandy Moore blows Q.T. a kiss. The other guys give him nods and thumbs up, as
2ge+her rocks on.


Synopsis: A fat man in his fifties knows the secret to a successful boy band - all you need is a fat guy,
a good-looking-boring guy, a dumb guy, a poser and a dying guy. As the 2ge+her guys watch the TV
commercial in disbelief, each of these categories is brought to life, with the final, dying one, dropping
dead on camera. It's true. MTV has a new movie spoofing 2ge+her: "4 EV-AH." When Mickey realizes
he is being called a poser, he explodes. The guys roll their eyes as Mickey busts up the room; it is yet
another tantrum from their gangsta band brother. Mickey pauses his tirade only once, to acknowledge
Erin, Jerry's girlfriend. The guys finally pin him down.

As Mickey lies in the living room hog-tied, the guys agree that his outbursts are becoming a problem.
They trick Mickey into a group intervention with a psycho-therapist so he can work through his anger.
They play the "empathy game," with each of them pretending he's someone else. Mickey will be Q.T.,
Chad will be Jerry, and so on. The discussion erupts into an all-out argument. Mickey storms out. Back
at the house, Erin asks Jerry to pick up one of her favorite candy bars, and he starts hedging. Clearly,
he doesn't remember which is her favorite. Meanwhile, Mickey's second therapist tries a different
approach than the first: Mickey sits alone, awash in a high-energy video smash cutting between images
of gangstas like Eminem and shots of goody-goodies like Celine Dion. The music and images
accelerate until they become a mind-numbing jumble. The brainwashing video is doing its work...

In 2ge+her's rehearsal room, the guys can't believe what they see: Mickey's dressed conservatively,
hair nicely combed and parted on the side. Doug wonders if Mickey was dipped in a big vat of "wuss."
Mickey is now baking cakes with smiley faces, and looking on the bright side of life. The guys are
confused, concerned, but they like his carrot muffins. To publicize an upcoming performance, Mickey
appears on a radio show, fielding questions from shock jocks. While the guys listen from home, Mickey
answers the questions honestly: Doug is a great guy, but just a novelty act; Q.T. is a great talent, even
though he's childish and a whiner and reeks of death; Chad's not so bright, and Jerry's a great dancer
with no personality. When Mickey gets home, the guys are waiting for him, furious. They tell Mickey
that he devastated their feelings, and is destroying the band, but all this rolls off the new Mickey's back.
The guys realize it's time for drastic measures, if they're willing to take the risk.

Mickey (who now likes to be called Michael, his baptismal name), visits Erin at her work, and presents
her with her favorite candy bar, Nestle's Crunch, to lift her spirits. It's clear Mickey is smitten with
Jerry's girl. When Mickey goes back to the house the guys are there, ready to provoke him: they use
his CD collection for hockey pucks, they claim that rappers stole Hip-Hop from the white man...
Mickey's calm surface almost cracks, but he walks away. That night, with Erin in the audience, Mickey
sings solo about how he's "A Regular Guy." When he sees Jerry give a smiling Erin a Nestle's Crunch
Bar, Mickey's ballad becomes an angry rap. Finally, he tells Los Angeles to go to hell, gets up, kicks
the stool, and storms off stage. The guys welcome back the Mickey they know and love. Erin joins
them, and gives Mickey a Nestle's Crunch, thanking him for listening to her. It's not the love he was
hoping for, but it'll have to do. Mickey joins the rest of the band onstage to complete the band's perfect


Synopsis: The guys anxiously gather around their first Teen People cover photo. Jerry doesn't like his
earlobes, Mickey can't believe they didn't capture his Busta Rhymes quality, Q.T.'s bummed that the
camera didn't add ten pounds to his body, and Chad thinks they all look beautiful. Doug has only one
question: why is there a tree where he should be standing?

The guys stare at the picture: yep, Doug has been replaced by a tree. Just then Lawless arrives with
his new boss, Elizabeth Porter, who giddily states she doesn't see what the problem is. With the
band's first webcast coming up, they have got to give the fans what they want - and what they don't
want is Doug. But when all the guys make it clear that without Doug, there will be no more 2ge+her,
Porter agrees - she loves 2ge+her just the way it is. A few days later, Doug receives stacks of fan mail.
He's famous! Later, in a local park, Jerry and Mickey are shocked when two fans rush right by them
and one asks Doug to fill a special request: sign her naked ass. Over dinner with Porter and Lawless,
Doug basks in the glory of their adoration, but stops cold when they tell him he's ready for a solo
career. When Doug hears a heart-wrenching letter from a fan, then sees "Doug!" on a proposed album
cover, he's convinced. He leaves to tell the guys, and Lawless shivers in awe at Porter's brilliant
manipulation. Back at the house, the guys are furious. They stood by Doug, and now Doug is moving
out and on. All because of an exclamation point.

At the house, Mickey advises Chad to think of Doug as dead, decaying in his grave. As Doug, on his
own, searches for inspiration for his own songs, the guys meet his replacement: a computer-generated
simulated person named Austin Alan Adam Parker, the "perfect boy band member." Meanwhile, at a
Japanese restaurant, Doug performs at his first solo gig. After being heckled to tears by the ruthless
crowd, Doug visits the 2ge+her house. He offers a bitter Jerry a song he has written, but Jerry says
2ge+her has to learn how to get along without "outsiders." Doug leaves, heartbroken.

The guys are having breakfast, and bickering over nothing. Jerry stops the madness, and points out
that the real problem is that they all miss Doug. They need him back. They agree and with relish, the
guys assassinate Austin Alan Adam Parker by attacking the CD-ROM he lives on.

That night at the webcast, Austin appears amongst the 2ge+her guys, introduces himself to the world,
and falls apart, literally: his head falls off, and pops back into position upside down, his limbs drop from
his body. When Doug shows up, Jerry asks a favor: he knows that "Doug!" is important, but the band
needs him, too. When Doug agrees, Jerry happily announces that Doug is back, and 2ge+her is proud
to present their new song written by their own Doug Linus. The guys perform "The Hardest Part of
Breakin' Up," as the webcast tally zooms past twelve million online viewers.


Synopsis: Lawless has good news: Jerry has been nominated for Urban Slut's "Teen Dream of the
Year." The guys congratulate him, sure that he's going to win the title, and the free trip to Hawaii for the
whole band. Then Lawless tells them the other news: Chad's been nominated, too.

After a dance rehearsal, Chad tells Doug he doesn't want to compete for Jerry's place as the band's
Teen Dream. Later, Chad finds Doug wistfully looking at a picture of their dead parents as tells Chad of
the dread "Linus Curse:" At some point in the life of each of the Linus men, a good looking guy will take
his woman. It happened to Doug, it happened to their father the day of their parent's wedding with that
ruggedly handsome priest. Doug was hoping the first Linus man with a full head of hair, Chad, would
actually escape the curse of being a loser. Chad announces he will compete for the "Teen Dream" title.
Jerry's looking forward to both of them being in the competition, but Chad isn't in it to have fun. He's
going to win.

At a recording session, Q.T. points out that Chad's competing against Jerry
can ruin his chances to win, and he wants to go to Hawaii and hang out with
the topless chick from The Real World. Doug insists that Chad's got what it
takes to win. The gloves are off and the battle is on. At an Urban Slut
clothing store, Doug drags in a terrified Chad and takes a position near the
ballot box for "Teen Dream of the Year." Doug tells Chad he has something
Jerry will never have: shyness. Chicks love that. Chad's inspired to be proud
of his shyness.

At the house, Q.T. directs Jerry to make love to a video camera, convinced
that every girl who sees the video on the web will vote for Jerry. As Jerry
closes in on the lens, Chad and Doug, carrying an Urban Slut bag, walk in.
Doug and Chad accuse Jerry and Q.T. of cheating, and vice versa. At the
"Teen Dream" contest 2ge+her is set to perform before the final competition. The guys take the stage
as Jerry, Q.T., Doug, and Chad snipe at each other.

2ge+her performs "5gether," but one by one they storm off, leaving Mickey alone singing "we are five
together." Backstage, Jerry tells Q.T. he can't believe he let things get so nasty. Meanwhile, Doug
confides to Chad that he can't believe he let his jealousy of Jerry's hair lead to this blow-up. But Doug
has a plan: Chad should let Jerry win. Onstage, Chad's performance in the talent, swimsuit and skills
competition is going perfectly bad, but he's topped by Jerry's bad performance at every turn. Each
realizes what the other is doing out of friendship. The winner is announced, and both are relieved to hear
someone else's name called. When the winner turns down the award for political reasons, Doug happily
steps up to the podium, takes the "Teen Dream of the Year" award, and tells the guys that next week,
they're going to steal a Grammy.


Synopsis: When Ted O'Keefe, Jerry's father, comes to visit he's friendly and charming, and the guys
don't fall for it. He then hands Mickey his present, a sword from the Wu Tang video, and Mickey
proclaims, "I love you, Poppy."

Ted continues to hand out gifts as Jerry warns of the evils of being bought. The guys, each tickled with
his present, are happy Ted's staying with them. At a press conference, reporter Lydia Ferris, who hates
2ge+her, attacks the guys. Ted steps in and eloquently defends the band, while complimenting Ms.
Ferris. Later, Ted offers to take everyone to Vegas on a friend's private jet with a Jacuzzi. Jerry points
out that they have to finish signing stacks of CDs before tomorrow. The guys decide to "live a little," and
leave Jerry behind to finish the work.

The next day, Jerry is still at the table, signing away, but with his teeth because his hands cramped up
hours before. The guys tumble in, Chad wearing a parachute. Ted goes to Jerry's room to lie down, and
the story begins to unfold: Ted overestimated his friendship with the guy who owned the private jet, so
no trip to Vegas. But then he charmed an all-girl jump squad into taking them tandem skydiving. Jerry
lets the guys know that Ted has always been a lousy father, and he wants nothing more to do with him.
Upon reflection, however, Jerry changes his mind, and walks into his darkened room to talk to his dad.
He admits he may have been too hard on him. He flicks on the lights to continue the talk, and discovers
Ms. Ferris, the nasty reporter, naked in bed with his father. Jerry erupts from the room, followed by a
naked Ted. The guys arrive in time to see Ms. Ferris as she skulks out. They accuse Ted of sleeping
with the enemy, and watch as Jerry kicks his father out of the house.

Each of the guys apologizes to Jerry. They didn't know his dad was a slut and a bad guy. Porter arrives
with good news - Ted O'Keefe is suing 2ge+her for millions of dollars for stealing a song. Good news
because this is publicity gold. At the arbitration, with Ted representing himself, he claims that the band
stole a lullaby he used to sing to his son for their current single. To establish the song, 2ge+her
performs for the judge, "You're the Only One That's Real." Then Ted stands, and performs his song
about a blood-sucking monster, in a sweet, calming voice. Jerry is shocked. He recognizes the song.
Jerry admits his mistake, and Ted forgives him. Ted interrupts the judge ruling against 2ge+her, and
tells his son he only sued to force Jerry to talk to him. He doesn't want any of the group's money. Jerry
asks the judge for a final ruling. Can he put his father's name next to his own on the song? So ordered.
Jerry and Ted exchange smiles as they all head out.


2ge+her is performing their hearts out as they sing "Right Where It Counts" at the grand opening of
"Steinmetz Copies," a copy superstore owned by the cartel that owns 2gether's record label. As the
fans scream with delight Mickey plays to the girl groupies, then targets some guy fans, who are
well-muscled, oiled up and love Mickey. When he flexes his muscles, the guys falls all over themselves
with glee.

Mickey wonders if he should hook up with those guys, and cruise chicks. While the others realize that
Mickey hasn't a clue that those fans are gay. The next day, each of the guys is on the patio, getting
their chest hair waxed by Violet, a gorgeous beautician. Mickey flirts with her and gets his answer -
she rips the hardened wax off his chest, causing much pain. Mickey gets some romance tips from
Doug, then persuades Violet to rent a movie with him. Later, Violet confides to Jerry that she knows
Mickey's gay; after all, it's all over the Internet. Besides, nobody acts that macho unless they're gay.
As Jerry laughingly tries to correct Violet's error, Mickey storms onto the patio, and pulls Jerry asides
to order him to stop talking to his lady. Jerry tries to explain he was only trying to help, but Mickey's
not listening. Finally, a bitter Jerry agrees not to hit on Violet, and so doesn't contradict her when she
asks: "Mickey's gay, right?"

That night, Mickey and Doug put the finishing touches on the dimly lit, romantic setting they've created
in the living room for Mickey's date with Violet. Doug quizzes Mickey on the rules: watch a chick flick,
let her talk, compliment her shoes. Violet arrives, still under the impression that Mickey's gay. Nothing
Mickey says dissuades her; in fact, every move he makes supports her assumption. Mickey goes to
Doug for emergency advice; Doug tells Mickey to make his move and make it big. Mickey lightly
massages Violet's neck. It isn't until he suggests they go to his room that he realizes she's fallen
asleep. He gently covers her with her sweater. The next morning, Mickey admits he had a good time
with Violet, even though he didn't get any action. He's smitten. Feeling bad, Jerry tells Mickey that
Violet thinks he's gay. That night, Mickey tip-toes to the computer and searches on "Mickey Parke
Gay." When the computer delivers 56,000 hits, he wakes up Doug with his screaming: He's gay!

The next day, Mickey, an attempt to look as masculine as possible, dons a leather vest, no shirt and
skin tight shorts - the uniform of his hero Stone Cold Steve Austin. Liz Porter of What-Ev Records
thinks it's great publicity that Mickey's coming out of the closet.

That night, a date with Violet ends before it begins when Violet implies that Mickey's gay and Mickey
blows up and storms off. The next day, Mickey agrees to an interview on E! set up by Porter. He's
supposed to announce that he's gay. Instead, Mickey tells the audience that he's realized that he's
was a better man gay than he ever was straight. He's gay, he adds - but he's gay for women. The next
day Violet comes over to the house, ready to see Mickey for the straight man that he really is.


Synopsis:The 2ge+her guys rehearse on the set of "Latest with Kenny Creighton." Every one of them
moving in perfect rhythm. Porter watches, frowning. She abruptly stops the music, and announces four
of the guys are great, but one sucks. Porter shoos the others out, ready to tutor Doug on his moves.
She slides her arm around his body, runs her fingers through his hair, and nibbles on a surprised
Doug's earlobe. She slides her hand down the front of his shirt, then down-down-down. Doug is
surprised, and in sweet, agonizing, sexual pain.

Doug relates his private tutorial with Porter to Jerry who maintains that it was just a dance lesson, but
changes his opinion when Doug describes Porter putting her hands down his pants. Doug isn't sure if it
means anything and Jerry assures him that, if Porter doesn't like Doug, at least she likes his crotch.
Later, while watching "Latest with Kenny Creighton", Porter walks in. Doug and Porter flirt, but it isn't
until Doug asks her complete forgiveness for being dirty that she tells him to find them a bed. Doug
rousts Jerry out of his carefully appointed sleep environment, telling him to sleep with Chad for the
night. Jerry settles into Doug's bed, explaining to Chad that Doug doesn't feel well, so they swapped
beds. Chad is convinced Doug has rabies, and begins a dissertation on its dangers. In Jerry's bedroom,
Porter rejects Doug's offer to talk, and strips down. As Porter and Doug knock boots, Jerry is disturbed
by animal sounds. He tells Chad to quiet down, then realizes the wild sounds aren't Chad. It's Doug
and Porter.

The next morning, the guys are impressed with Doug, but concerned that if things go wrong in this
affair, the band could be hurt. Doug assures them that he and Porter are in it for the sex - no one's
feelings are involved. Later, Doug visits Porter at her office and admits to another one of her boy band
clients, A.B. Ceedee, that he's just fallen in love with a woman, and both singers bask in the thought of
their girlfriends. Then A.B. comments on doing his weekly sexual duty with Porter, and Doug realizes
Porter's appetite for boy band members is all inclusive. Porter appears, invites both guys in, and Doug
walks out, leaving Porter angry. At the house, Doug lies that he broke it off with Porter because she
was getting too emotionally involved. Mickey storms in, furious. 2ge+her's gig on "Latest with Kenny
Creighton" just got canceled.

The guys rip into Doug: they just lost the biggest break of their careers because he dumped Porter; he
better get her back! Doug comes clean - he was one of many boy toys but Doug decides he must
make the sacrifice, for the band. He'll suffer through more sex with her. In Porter's office, Doug
demands Porter reinstate their gig. They fight, until Porter admits why she's so angry he left her: sex
with him was the best she's ever had. Porter strikes a deal: just one more roll in the hay with Doug and
2ge+her's spot on "Latest" will be given back. On the "Latest" stage, the guys start to sing "I Gave My
24-7 To You" without Doug. He joins them a little late. Meanwhile, Porter reflects on the love she may
have lost.


Synopsis:The guys are primping for their dates that night. As Doug announces that these studs are
ready to cut loose, Chad tells them to have fun. Only then do they realize Chad doesn't have a date.
Chad reassures them he has the perfect night planned with his perfect woman. He holds up a collage
he's made using pieces of magazine pictures to create the image of his dream girl. The guys take off,
and Chad sits down to dinner with the collage. From outside the house, we see Chad through the
cross-hairs of a telescopic lens.

A teenage girl and her friend watch Chad through their telescope. As they watch, they analyze every
move: he's having dinner, he's using his left hand to pour his drink -- he's scratching his eye! Maybe it's
infected! The theory takes on a life of its own, growing into a full-blown rumor as it shoots over email,
across phone lines, from mouth to mouth. The next morning, the news announces: Chad Linus is dead.

Porter arrives, guaranteeing that the label will resurrect Chad in a couple of weeks. It wouldn't make
sense to do it right away; record sales are up fourteen percent! She instructs the stunned Chad to stay
away from windows, and not to go outside. A couple of days later, the house is filled with memorial
flowers, and surrounded by fans standing vigil outside in Chad's memory. They tune into A&E's "Dead
Rockers Week" for a special on Chad. It culminates with fan testimonials, including one from a girl
named Melissa, who looks exactly like Chad's collage of his perfect girl. She says that Chad is the
perfect guy for her. Chad tries to leave to find her, but is tackled by the guys. He realizes that being
dead sucks.

Chad sulks while the guys enjoy the mourning fans, increased interviews, and heightened record sales.
When Doug and Jerry, looking out the front door, spot Chad's real-life dream girl, Chad hears them.
That night, Chad sneaks out of the house to meet her and finds her in a tent outside their house. While
they get to know each other, Porter is in the house, being told by the 2ge+her guys that Chad is too
depressed for them to keep this "dead" thing up. They have to resurrect Chad. Porter reluctantly
agrees, even though this has been the best thing that ever happened to the band. In the tent, Chad and
Melissa aren't having an easy time of it: she was much happier when he was dead, and he thinks her
hands are too big. Finally, they both decide the live versions of their dream mates are not as appealing
as the dead versions. When Chad comes back in, the guys tell him the good news -he's going to be
alive again, but Chad refuses the offer. Everyone has a mission in life, and he was born to be dead.

At the house, the guys get ready for the show but they don't want to perform without Chad. He refuses.
Doug angrily rips up a poster of the guys, saying if Chad doesn't want to be with the group, there is no
2ge+her. After the guys leave Chad takes the pieces of the poster and starts to re-assemble it, creating
one face. He bursts out of the house, pulling on his costume, determined to join the band for the show.
He has to run for it, and arrives at the show exhausted. He collapses and a burly security guy picks
him up. The crowd parts as the limp Chad is brought to the stage. He is laid at the feet of the band.
Chad rises, the music begins, and 2ge+her sings "That's When I'll Be Gone," as the fans scream their
hearts out.


Synopsis: The 2ge+her guys, except for Q.T. who is on a book signing tour, are awestruck as they
approach Dr. Dre's luxurious house. This performance for Dre may even lead to being his opening act.
When they tell Dre's assistant they're looking forward to singing with him, she laughs. He's in Zurich.
They're there to sing for his niece's fourth birthday party. Their party hats are on the table.

Amongst screaming four-year-olds, the guys soldier on, singing "U & U & Me," until one of the brats
pins a donkey tail on Doug, and he takes off after her. At the house, the guys berate Porter for sending
them to a children's party. She had her reasonsshe wants to sign Dr. Dre to the label. They can't
believe the lack of respect she is showing for them, and their music. She happily tells them to get over
it, and leaves for drug rehab so she can scout for new clients.

The next morning, Mickey is dozing off in front of the TV when the sexy Dahm triplets appear on
screen. He leers that he just needs five minutes - with each of them - and can't believe it when they
answer him back. They advise him that 2ge+her should start making real music. They fade away,
ignoring his request that they leave behind a pair of panties. Mickey explains the visit to the guys,
radiating an inner peace. They fight him on the idea of changing their music, until Lawless calls about
their next gig: a show at Giggle Land, a local theme park. Unanimously, the guys decide it's time to
make art. The next day, they are assembled on Jerry's bed, wearing white, unbleached cotton tunics,
announcing to reporters that 2ge+her is dead.

It's chaos as the gathered media yell questions. Doug explains: "2ge+her" is dead, but "Together" is
born. From now on the guys are serious artists. They are going to make real music. Lawless arrives,
clears out the room, and berates the guys for changing their image. He could lose his job! When it is
pointed out that it is Porter who would lose the job, he encourages the guys to get to work - make art.

The creative process begins: the guys agree that their new music should be real, and awesome, and
reach the next level. They start writing, each finally expressing his own unique musical vision. Satisfied
that their new sound is "real," they stage a listening party which includes reporters, photographers, and
various movers and shakers from a cross-section of the arts. Dressed in their tunics, the guys
ceremoniously each press play on a boom box. It's a cacophony of song, noises, words, real-life audio,
laser sounds and grunting. The audience begins to murmur their disapproval, then openly mock the
guys. Several people cover their ears and bend over in pain. Everyone heads for the exit. The guys, now
realizing they suck, press stop. Lawless applauds.

Over breakfast, Doug tries to look on the bright side: the audience was moved. But, the verdict is official
when Jerry holds up Daily Variety's headline: 2ge+her Sux. Doug points out that 2ge+her did achieve
their goal: they were real. As the guys sink into despair, Chad remembers the Giggle Land gig. They all
decide that they might as well do the appearance. At Giggle Land, Lawless can't wait for Porter to see
2ge+her's transformation. As the guys get ready in their dressing room, they notice a clip playing on
the TV: it's a group of teenage girls singing and dancing to "U & U & Me." The guys are touched that
strangers would go to so much trouble over fluff music. They realize that they may not achieve
awesomeness, but they do have a good time. Taking the stage, the guys go back to their musical
roots, performing "U & U & Me" to a cheering audience.


Jerry and Erin walk arm-in-arm through the mall. Erin's happy to get Jerry alone, away from the fans for
a change, although something does seem to be wrong. Suddenly, Jerry is recognized, the calm is
shattered, and the couple has to duck into a photo booth to escape the stampeding fans. Erin is upset,
but Jerry loosens her up with kisses, which escalate into a half naked make-out session. Jerry feeds
money into the booth, and the camera snaps away. The lovers are interrupted when they hear a fan
outside the booth comment on one of the photos. As Jerry tries to chase the fan with the stolen photo,
Erin angrily gets dressed. She's furious.

The guys are being taught a routine by Jody, the beautiful director/choreographer for their upcoming
video, "Awesum LuvR." Jerry admits that he thinks there's trouble between him and Erin, but he has a
solution: he's making the house into a cocoon for the evening. Just him and Erin. The others agree to
stay in their bedrooms so Jerry can show Erin it's possible to have a life away from the rest of the
world. While Chad coaches Doug on his dance moves, and Mickey practices making t-shirts for a new
clothes line, Jerry and Erin are alone in the living room. She is wearing a blindfold (part of Jerry's
surprise) and just as Jerry is about serve her, Doug appears. Jerry angrily tries to get rid of him, but
Doug signals that Jerry has to look at the web page he just brought up on the computer in the living
room. He tip-toes out as Jerry looks in horror at the naked picture of him and Erin that has been posted

Jerry frantically tries to get the web page off the screen, but finally pushes the computer to the floor
when Erin takes off her blindfold. Mickey walks in wearing a t-shirt with the naked picture emblazoned
on the front. Jerry frantically hugs Mickey to conceal the picture from Erin. But Chad walks in with a
picture too! Jerry rips it up before he realizes it's just a snapshot of Chad's parents. Later that night,
Erin goes online. She asks Jerry to look at a web site, and he is relieved to see she is looking, not at
the infamous photo, but a college campus. Erin tells him it's George Washington University; she's been
accepted there. Jerry is hurt she didn't tell him she was applying to colleges - she wasn't honest with
him. Erin explains she wasn't even sure if she wanted to go. Chad walks in, carrying a printout of the
photo booth picture. Shocked, Erin realizes Jerry knew all along about the photo being posted online;
he hasn't been honest with her. As she storms out, she tells Jerry that she can't live a public life. She
needs her own life. She's sorry, but she's going back east for college.

Episode #112 "DUMPED"
Page 2

A few days later, a devastated Jerry tells the guys Erin just called; she's on her way to college
orientation. The guys tell Jerry to go after her. At George Washington University, Jerry sees Erin
through the window of the student center. She is laughing and talking with some other students. She
has her new textbooks, and is wearing a "GWU" sweatshirt. She's clearly at home. After gazing at her
for a long moment, and seeing how happy she is, Jerry makes the hardest decision of his life - he
walks away.

Back at the house, when Jody yells "action," Jerry is smiling and performing for the cameras while his
heart breaks. A full performance of "Awesum LuvR" is completed, and the crew breaks into applause.
Every one heads for the food, congratulating each other on great work. We move through this
happiness and find Jerry, alone on the patio, staring out into the distance. His buddies join him in
gazing at the night sky.