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Did you notice.....

These are just stupid little things I've found that people have pointed out about 2gether. Some of it's funny, some of it's stupid, but it's all pretty weird. Um...yeah...


*Jerry was discoverd in Boston, he sang "You're My Baby Girl", also with him were Cpriritual and a few girls whom
Erin had dubbed "his groupies"

*Chad and Doug were discovered in New York, Chad sang a song called "Thinking Of You" Doug convinced Bob
to let him in the group as well by telling him all the things he could do to help out the group.

Why does Katie think she knows or met or saw QT before? Is it just that shes seen the movie so many times she
thinks she knows him?
Why does it seem Chad and Doug have no parents? Mickey mentions his mom, and you see QTs mom, and you
figure Jerry lives on his own, maybe w/ Erin, but yet Chad and Doug have no mention of parents? Is Doug in
charge of Chad? I mean yeah it seems like he is, but no one knows for sure....

If the guys are just picked up when Bob meets them, and they move on, how do they get a change of clothes?
Why is it that at one point Bob is walking around town w/o pants on, where did they go??

Why does Mickey take the Bee from the spelling bee? Or was it someone else who took it? Anyway.. how did it
end up on the bus with the guys?

If sea doos don't go on water, where does Chad think they go? In the air?

Why does it seem 2gether sings better Acapella then some of the other Boy Bands out there?

Why dont the other members (besides Michael) put out a CD too? (THIS Just IN.. Mickey erm.. Alex has a cd,
only its kinda like a demo thing, and he's trying to get signed (yay!) He almost got signed to a BoyBand, but since
he's already in 2gether, he needs to pursue a solo career if he wants to go into music)

Why is it that Chris, from WHOA!, had the tattoo in the Yo Girl commercial, but Bob never noticed it until they
were rehearsing, like it was something new?

Why does everyone seem to like Chad? He's not sposed to be the one you think is cute people!

Why are the guys of Whoa! such big babies? In the beginning right about when Bob gets fired they show Noel, and
theres some silence, in the backround you can hear them saying "he yelled at me"

Why is Chad and Doug so fascinated by those little Aminal things at the gas station?

Why does the girl who come up to them @ the gas station act all teenie one second, and then normal? Teenies
don't do that, if you first meet them and your acting like a teenie, you will most likely act like a teenie the whole
time. If you first meet them and you are normal, you will most likely be normal the whole time. Does MTV not get
this concept?

Why does DOUG drive the "bus"? They better get a new driver once they get big, because after a show Doug's not
going to want to drive and then perform again, he'll get no sleep!
Why do they talk to the camera like its a person? Does the camera talk? It asks them questions

Why didn't anyone get mad at Chad for sleeping in the tub? My friend slept in the tub, well she tried to, but
everyone yelled once they had to go to the bathroom and she was in there! Why didnt this happen with Chad?

Why did Whoa! form a band if the can't even sing? Because at the end when they are in they drug store, the girl
tells them Whoa lip syncs. -Thanks To

Why is the talking in the Whoa! Commercial out of sync when Bob Buss watches it through the window? -Thanks

Why doesn't Kevin's pen even TOUCH the white board when writing "Jacksonville or bust" after their encounter
with Whoa! at the gas station? -Thanks to

How does the band get the pretzel from the diner they stop at after meeting Mickey off the railing and onto the
back of their bus? Isn't this illegal?? -Thanks to

I don't understand how Erin ruins the Whoa! tape. It's not like every tape player comes equipped w/ a button that
will automatically destroy the tape!-Thanks to

Why do they show some girls in the front row, then they're all of a sudden out in the hall like area, then back in the
front row at the jacksonville performance?

Why at the sane performance does chad have flowers and then he doesn't have them, and then he does again? -

What is QT eating before they perform at the spelling bee?

Why does chad act shy around the camera soemtimes but then other times he tells the camera what's what with no

why does jerry not have that many funny lines

Why when they get QT from the strip club is he asleep one second, but then hes up and walking on the bus the

Why do they show Keleigh from Whoa! Walking in the gas station place 2x? (If you watch carefully, when Mickey
tells QT he cant wait to sleep in his own bed, over his shoulder Keleigh walks in.. Then they play the Whoa music
and Keleigh walks in AGAIN.) Oops on the editing :)

when they were staying in the hotel, Doug vaccumed, do they carry it with them?

tell me why bob buss put mickey in the band w/o even knowing if he could sing or not? -

*Mickey was discovered at a skate park, while yelling at the Ice Cream Truck man, because the Cotton Candy was
too dry, something Mickey doesn't like. Bob knew he was the groups rebel as soon as he saw him.

*QT was discovered singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic at Karoke night somewhere near North Carolina.

*Before deciding on 2gether, Chad sugeested the group be called: Matchbox 20, Matchbox 30, Driving, Driving 30,
and 5gether.

*Mr. Buss had a few rules he named after other famous people, these rules were:
The Axl Rose rule- always have good manners
The Milli Vanilli rule- MIlli Vanilli had 2 stars, but 2 stars in a boy band is disaster.
The John Travolta rule- You have many ups and downs.
The Captain No Tenille rule- Only one person is in charge of the group.

*QT has Bilary Thrombosis

*Bob's full name is Robert Anthony Buss

*Dougs other band was Pegasus, but they had no instruments so they had to sing their songs acapella

*$1,000 = a buttload

*Chad once stuck $5 up his butt

*Chad likes helping out the group by making lazer gun and lightsaber noises

*Mickey P gots one hoe, and thats himself

*QT has a feeling girls will think he's the best member of the group...

*Erin likes ketchup on her hamburgers, but she doesn't like cheesburgers

*Jerry thinks Erin looks like Gwenyth Paltrow, Erin doesn't think she does (well maybe in Emma)

*Erin likes to watch TRL, she most likely likes Carson Daly

*QT uses his hand as kissing practice for all the girls he's going to get

*Chad likes the yellow Ski-Doo the best

*Mickey P drives bikes through drive thrus

*Doug is NOT Ozzy Osborne

*Jerry told Bob so

*Mickey P wants Jerry to come over here so he can see what Dougs drawing about him